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Welcome to Jonesy's Place!

Art Therapy For The Soul


At Jonesy's Place, we facilitate engaging experiences utilizing a variety of visual art mediums. Our art studio provides creative sessions that promote personal development, emotional healing, empowerment, self-care, and social connections in a physical location. 


Group Therapy Workshops

We strive to provide accessible services through workshops, custom events, and community-integrated art therapy programs. Jonesy’s Place target message includes normalizing art therapy, advocacy for "everyday" client wellness therapy through the arts, and creating a culture of empowerment through custom experiential programs and events. 

Individual Art Therapy

Jonesy's Place provides intensive, individualized, one-to-one mental health service for people with serious emotional challenges. Research maintains that therapy is highly effective to those who exhibit mental health issues. At Jonesy's Place, the therapist and the client establish a collaborative relationship that helps the person become a healthier and happier individual.


Expressive Art Therapy 

Expressive Art Therapy can help children and adults deal with negative situations, disabilities, and trauma. It can also improve overall well-being and contribute to lowering anxiety and stress, improving self-awareness and self-esteem, strengthening relationships, regulating behaviors, and advancing social skills. 

About Jonesy's Place

Jonesy’s Place is an innovative provider of therapeutic art services in the areas of assessments, transformative training, and development. This company leads the way on advanced therapeutic modalities in working with community members experiencing situations negatively impacting day-to-day life. 

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Rhéma Word Enterprises, LLC, is a creative arts and mental health wellness business that enriches the lives of individuals through the creative process, psychological and emotional support. Since its inception in 2014, R.W.E. has helped over 50 companies and countless individuals enhance personal development, coping, artistic, and empowerment skills. 

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